Climate & Sustainability Consulting

We help organisations make sense of the complexity, challenges and opportunities posed by climate change, and work closely with leaders and their teams to develop the right ESG strategies and actions plans to achieve sustainability goals by applying evidence-based methodology.

Climate Change Leadership

Leaders around the world are responding to calls for new governance structures to meet Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) regulatory changes. Leaders are developing strategic and action plan to address the numerous risks ahead e.g., harm to assets/projects, supply chain disruptions and litigation risks, among others. These strategies focus on developing preventive, anticipative and absorptive capacities, which are essential.

In reality though, there is a massive gap between scientific recommendations and the actions being taken by leaders globally. According the international climate science community and the UN, we are still nowhere near the scale and pace of emission reductions required to put us on track toward a 1.5degC scenario (refer to the global thermometer image). Leaders around the world at all levels in the corporate, academic, government, and NFPs sectors will need to collectively achieve a 45% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, in the next 8 years, to keep the 1.5degC within reach. This means having to develop deep adaptation and transformation capacities.

What leaders need

For over 10 years, ProVeritas Leadership, has been helping organisational leaders and their teams develop the necessary capabilities to succeed and flourish in the 21st Century through blended training and coaching programs. However, the climate emergency now calls for a radically new approach to developing and coaching leaders. Leaders and their teams will therefore need assistance with:

  • Understanding and internalising (cognitively and emotionally) the interconnectedness between human activity and our increasingly fragile ecosystem.
  • Co-creation of safe conversation spaces for leaders and teams to identify the most appropriate strategies and action plans.
  • Facilitation of a paradigm shift within organisations and their own ecosystem, to embed new mindsets into the organisational culture.
  • Development of new strategies and action plans that empower and motivate engagement with all stakeholders.

Our solutions

Organisations need expert support from multifaceted educators and coaches with backgrounds in science, business, leadership and psychology. This is what sets us apart at ProVeritas Leadership and as such, we are able to offer the following solutions:

Making It Work For You

Programs may consist of a combination of workshops, team coaching and individual leadership coaching. If you’re a an organisational leader looking for the right solutions to ensure your organisation inspires its employees, and demonstrates that it cares for the whole planet, tell us more about your needs in the Enquiry Form in the Contact Us page. Please suggest the best time for an initial phone call to discuss the most appropriate approach for your organisation’s needs.

Lessons and resources for leaders and their teams

Climate Basics

Transformative capacity entails stakeholder collaboration, resourcefulness, planning, and sustainable resources.


Climate Science

Understanding how human activity has disturbed the equilibrium will motivate you, and empower you to lead differently.


Environment & Health

Biodiversity is being lost at an estimated 150 species becoming extinct every day. And this is all affecting our health.


Climate Communication

Misleading content distorts the perception of climate science and solutions, creating confusion, and can lead to harm.


Climate Connection

We need to listen to our hearts and the hearts of others, to remind each other how to feel things again and reinstate a culture of care.


ESG & Investment

The amount of ESG information provided by rating agencies, and auditing and consulting firms has grown exponentially.


Associations & Certifications