Praise for 'Scientists in Every Boardroom'

Ruby Campbell is revolutionising the way corporate business leaders and scientists need to think about leadership - maximising innovation, engagement, profitability and growth.

"This is an important, practical book and one that I would recommend every board puts on its reading list. Fake news is not just confined to the political daily news. The current research shows that counter-factual information (counter-knowledge) in organisations causes immense damage, results in bad decisions, is costly and is more common than many organisations would wish to admit. Ruby Campbell's call for greater evidence-based practice is not only timely but one that needs to be taken seriously in all organisations. For example, recent (2019) studies have shown that organisational uses of big-data frequently frequently fail as a result of inaccurate data being used. The lessons and techniques contained in Scientists in Every Boardroom: Harnessing the Power of STEMM Leaders in an Irrational World should be written on every organisations walls."

David Wilkinson, Chief Editor, The Oxford Review

"Now more than ever does business need rigorous, evidence-based thinking to guide them and society through the crisis of ideologically-driven drivel that passes for much political and economic thinking from our supposed leaders. In an accessible informed fashion, this book with help business do just that. Highly recommended."

Prof Anthony M Grant, Director-Coaching Psychology Unit, University of Sydney

"A much needed and timely reminder that quality and well credentialled scientists are required for business and community leadership in making informed decisions and implementing them, based upon scientific principles, in both meanings."

David Edmonds, Royal Australian Chemical Institute

"The need for systemic thinking and leadership to address the world’s ‘wicked’ problems has never been greater. Ruby Campbell has hit the proverbial ‘nail on the head’ – declining trust in traditional institutions, a world crying out for rational and ethical leadership and an impending tidal wave ready to sweep us away if we don’t change. More than that, however, Ruby has set out a cohesive and readily understood way to address the issues. This book is an investment well worth making!"

Chris Whelan, Director, The Transformation Initiative

"Such an insightful read into what leadership needs to evolve into. Covering multiple and often forgotten elements of what it will take to be a successful leader for the future, this book clearly details the logical steps to transition into one whilst providing scientific evidence and data in an easy to read format to support the concepts. This book is a must read for anyone looking to make a genuine difference moving forwards."

John Poulter, Director – Comstor Australia

"As Dr Ruby Campbell says, "the world urgently needs more critical thinking". This books goes beyond talking about what will drive a profit for business but considers the type of leaders needed to deliver better outcomes for humans on this earth. Both inspirational and useful, Ruby's thinking will help individuals, organisations and nations achieve better results, for this and future generations, through a new wave of leadership."

Jen Marshall, Chief Product Officer, Isentia Australia

"Tired of the litany of poor, short-sighted decisions that pass for leadership and exacerbate navigating our increasingly complex world? Dr. Ruby Campbell offers accessible evidence and anecdote for the power and possibility that scientific thinking can provide, especially when applied to society’s wicked problems. More than ever, we need the elevated, creative head (and heart and guts) to make our world workable. Though not the answer, it is an answer to what can enable leaders to lead. A worthy read."

John B. Lazar, Leadership/Executive Coach, CEO/Founder, John B. Lazar & Associates, Inc.

"Scientists in Every Boardroom is insightful in understanding our current leadership environment, and how, with the right coaching, people who have traditionally taken a back seat, can reach their leadership potential, and impact your business' positively."

Clive Lam, Product Director, Protiviti, Hong Kong

"To secure Australia’s health and economy into the future, the leadership of women and men in STEMM is vital. This book provides much needed inspiration for all professionals working in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine."

Rozalina Schulze, Health Industry Hub

Dr Ruby Campbell

Author: Dr Ruby Campbell PhD

Dr Ruby Campbell is an internationally sought-after executive/leadership and team coach, writer, speaker, researcher, Managing Director of ProVeritas Group and the author of 'Scientists in Every Boardroom: Harnessing the Power of STEMM Leaders in an Irrational World'.

She began her career as a research scientist, moving into the corporate world as a senior executive in the pharmaceutical industry, an Adjunct Professor at the UNSW School of Business and founding her own consulting firm, giving her a unique perspective on leadership challenges within business and science - MORE HERE

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