Scientists in Every Boardroom

This remarkable book revolutionises the way corporate business leaders and scientists need to think about leadership. You’ll be inspired to lead with purpose - maximising innovation, engagement, profitability and growth - positively impacting your bottom line.

Dr Ruby Campbell

Author: Dr Ruby Campbell PhD

Ruby Campbell is an experienced corporate executive, writer, speaker, academic, founder of the ProVeritas Group and author of 'Scientists in Every Boardroom: Harnessing the Power of STEMM Leaders in an Irrational World'.

She began her career as a research scientist, moving into the corporate world as a senior executive in the pharmaceutical industry, an Adjunct Professor at the UNSW School of Business and founding her own consulting firm, giving her a unique perspective on leadership challenges within business and science - MORE HERE

Turn the tide and change the world

Scientists in Every Boardroom

Businesses are not maximising their scientific and technical human capital and are therefore missing out on innovation and growth opportunities. Global risks are intensifying, threatening the wellbeing of our children and future generations. These risks are a result of years of irrational decision-making; the world urgently needs rational thinking and less gut feeling. Having scientific thinkers at the leadership table can turn the tide.

This book hopes to inspire business and global leaders to focus on coaching Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM) professionals to become senior leaders within their organisations. It also seeks to empower STEMM professionals everywhere to pursue influential leadership roles and ensure they undertake leadership development programs that specifically cater to their needs. There is tremendous untapped power at the intersection of influential STEMM leadership and the transformation of organisations, and the world.

Scientists in Every Boardroom presents the results of extensive research, coaching case studies and interviews on leadership development in the hope that solutions can be found to what seems to be a crisis in rational leadership. It is not about criticising past and current leaders; it is about providing new avenues of leadership that will ensure a better way forward for all organisations and for the future of our planet.

The book - 'Scientists in Every Boardroom' by Dr Ruby Campbell

Praise for 'Scientists in Every Boardroom'

About this book:

  • It is the only book available that shows how to coach STEMM professionals to develop the leadership skills needed in the 21st Century, following cutting edge methods.
  • It revolutionises the way both corporate business leaders and scientists themselves will think about STEMM professionals for leadership roles by providing real-life cease studies.
  • With the new reality of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it offers new perspectives on how to tackle major world issues by developing STEMM leaders and promoting them within influential circles.
  • Offers new avenues to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals while also helping companies become more innovative and profitable

Dr Ruby Campbell

About the author

Dr Ruby Campbell PhD

Dr Ruby Campbell began her career as a research scientist, moving within the corporate world to become an international senior executive in the pharmaceutical industry, an Adjunct Professor at the UNSW School of Business, and for the past 10 years as the founder and Managing Director of ProVeritas Group, which specialises in leadership & learning solutions. With four degrees, including a Masters in Coaching Psychology and an MBA (Executive), and a PhD in Science, Dr Campbell helps create the right leaders and organisations for the 21st Century.

With a Puerto Rican and Italian heritage, having a New Zealand husband and now living and working in Australia, Dr Campbell is representative of today’s highly complex, globalised and interconnected world, giving her a unique perspective on leadership challenges within business and science. Dr Campbell is married with a son and lives in Turramurra, New South Wales.

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The book - 'Scientists in Every Boardroom' by Dr Ruby Campbell