Executive Leadership Coaching

We help leaders hold and bear the tension between the forces pulling in different directions, providing a sounding board and a safe space in which the leader can reflect, learn and grow.

Leading in the Fourth (4th) Industrial Revolution

As the 4th Industrial Revolution unfolds, organisations are seeking to harness new and emerging technologies to reach higher levels of efficiency, expand into new markets, and compete on innovative products for a global consumer base.

Business leaders across all industries and regions will be called upon to formulate a comprehensive workforce strategy ready to meet the challenges of this new era of accelerating change and innovation.

Leadership Coaching has become one of the most effective Learning & Development approaches with those individuals who have significant responsibility for the current and future success of an organisation. Leaders need a confidential and safe space to explore and integrate new leadership capabilities.

These new leadership capabilities will help them lead more effectively and create a team/organisational environment where others feel inspired and want to follow. Coaching has become more important and necessary than ever due to the ever-changing corporate landscape of the 21st Century - often described as volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (or the acronym VUCA).

Leadership Capabilities
Improved Characteristics, Skills & Behaviours
Ability to leverage own strengths, values & drivers, and mitigate behavioural derailers.
Adaptability, positive outlook, emotional self-control and mental strength.
Social Awareness
Empathy, improved listening skills, open communication skills, organisational awareness.
Relationship Management & Relating
Influence, coach & mentor, conflict management skills, team building skills, inspirational leadership (others will follow).
Understands and helps others understand complexity, works collaboratively, has achievement orientation and strategic thinking.
Demonstrates values, sense of urgency, hope, community and confidence. Superior decision-making skills.
Illustrates clear priorities, creates new structures, gives permission to fail, enables others to be innovative and creative.
Leadership Effectiveness
The integration of leadership capabilities results in leadership effectiveness (positive individual, team and organisational outcomes).

Making Leadership Coaching Work For You

If you’re a leader seeking an external leadership coach, you can engage one of our coaches to work with you directly following one of our 3 programs. Simply go to the Contact Us page, tell us about your needs, and we’ll be in touch to book a 15-minute call with one of our coaches. If we mutually agree there is a fit, we’ll send you additional information about our programs.

If you’re a HR professional looking for leadership coaching solutions for your organisational leaders, please tell us more about your needs in the Enquiry Form in the Contact Us page. Please suggest the best time for an initial phone call to discuss the most appropriate solution for your organisation’s needs.

proveritas group reviews

"I completed a one-year Executive Coaching program with Ruby and I credit her with helping me achieve a step-change in my thinking and behaviours. I had many realisations, which continue to impact my professional and personal life, lifting me to greater effectiveness and enjoyment."


proveritas group reviews

"Ruby has the unique ability to work within the boundaries of the personality of the person she is working with. The return on investment cannot be defined in monetary value. What I gained on both a personal and professional level still leaves me astounded."

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APAC Roundtable

Presented by Ruby Campbell and Jeffrey Hull

If you are a Learning & Development or Human Resources leader, please join the APAC IOC Roundtable learning events held every two months via Zoom. This is a marketing free, inclusive and peer based space for HR and coaching professionals to learn about and practice new coaching concepts and research.

These roundtable conversations are hosted by Ruby Campbell and Jeffrey Hull for the IOC community of coaches in the Asia Pacific region. To join, please contact Tiffany Dally, Head of Events, at tiffany.dally@instituteofcoaching.com

Here is the video and slides of the APAC Roundtable on the 10th August 2022 on “Narrative Coaching & Planetary Health”.

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