Team Coaching

We help teams function as more than “the sum of its parts” by learning how to connect and collaborate effectively internally, and with teams up, down and across the organisation, as well as externally.

Clarify and own the transformation process

There is no such thing as “business as usual” as we navigate the Fourth (4th) Industrial Revolution, requiring cognitively diverse teams to find innovative and adaptive solutions. Teams must now learn to operate within a “transformation as usual” environment.

Leadership teams are increasingly turning to team coaching when they know they need to lead a major organisational transformation. A team coach can help the team clarify, develop and own the transformation process effectively.

The coach helps them discover how they need to operate as a team to lead the change process, how to build trust and cohesion and how to build their collective capacity to communicate the transformation process, engage staff and other critical stakeholders to win commitment to change.

Our coaches help teams build “five team disciplines”.

Team Disciplines
Characteristics, Skills & Behaviours
Team has appropriate range of complementary skills. Team has clear mandate from the wider organisation as well as those it reports to. Members achieve team goals and are rewarded for collective performance above individual goals.
All members can articulate and own the team purpose and agreed goals. There are clear actions with accountability and follow-through. Team works towards goals in effective manner.
There are clear ways of working together. Mutual accountability for own and collective goals. High level of morale and commitment. Team makes use of diversity with everyone being engaged and involved. Meetings are focused, supportive and energising.
Team members can engage employees at all levels. Team relates well to all key stakeholders. Each team member can represent the whole team. Team scans its stakeholder environment and changes needs and perceptions accordingly.
Core learning
Team regularly attends to its own development as a team and to the individual development of its members. All team members give real-time feedback and provide support and challenge to each other.
Sustained High Performance
Dynamic, adaptive, solutions-oriented and results-driven. Outcomes are better than any individual could have arrived at by themselves.

Making Team Coaching Work For You

Programs may consist of a combination of workshops, team coaching and individual leadership coaching. If you’re a HR professional looking for team coaching solutions for your organisation, tell us more about your needs in the Enquiry Form in the Contact Us page. Please suggest the best time for an initial phone call to discuss the most appropriate approach for your organisation’s needs.

proveritas group reviews

"I completed a one-year Executive Coaching program with Ruby and I credit her with helping me achieve a step-change in my thinking and behaviours. I had many realisations, which continue to impact my professional and personal life, lifting me to greater effectiveness and enjoyment."


proveritas group reviews

"Ruby has the unique ability to work within the boundaries of the personality of the person she is working with. The return on investment cannot be defined in monetary value. What I gained on both a personal and professional level still leaves me astounded."

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APAC Roundtable

Presented by Ruby Campbell and Jeffrey Hull

If you are a Learning & Development or Human Resources leader, please join the APAC IOC Roundtable learning events held every two months via Zoom. This is a marketing free, inclusive and peer based space for HR and coaching professionals to learn about and practice new coaching concepts and research.

These roundtable conversations are hosted by Ruby Campbell and Jeffrey Hull for the IOC community of coaches in the Asia Pacific region. To join, please contact Tiffany Dally, Head of Events, at

Here is the video and slides of the APAC Roundtable on the 10th August 2022 on “Narrative Coaching & Planetary Health”.

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