Climate in Every Boardroom

Few issues highlight the urgency of the cooperative challenges we face more than climate change. It is a battle between despair, which can paralyse, and belief in the power of true global citizenry, which fuels hope and action.

Climate, Sustainability & Leadership

In that battle between hope and despair, we all have the same choice to make – to step up and leave a legacy, or to ignore the call of history. There is power in knowing that we have a choice about how we respond to the distressing realities we now face.

Human activity has profoundly destabilised the Earth’s climate. Since the 1950s, the Earth entered the most pronounced period of accelerated change. The combination of emission of pollutants through the burning of fossil fuels and the loss of vast tracts of forests has resulted in the energy imbalance we are witnessing today.

Currently, Boards and senior leaders must address new governance structures resulting from imminent ESG regulatory changes. In addition, they must develop strategic and action planning to address the numerous risks ahead e.g., harm to assets/projects, supply chain disruptions and litigation risks, among others. In “disaster resilience” language, these are known as preventive, anticipative and absorptive capacities. And whilst they are essential, focusing exclusively on them creates pessimism and even despair and paralysis.

In today’s complex world, leaders influence others to achieve common goals by behaving with emotional intelligence and considering all stakeholders in the process. When climate, indeed the planet, is one of those stakeholders, leadership conversations will change considerably.

Climate and the planet - Resources for leaders and teams

There is a plethora of misinformation published by social media, and mainstream media outlets causing a great deal of confusion, climate science and denialism. Even worse, some ill-informed researchers have been publishing that it is too late for humanity to do anything constructive to stabilise the Earth’s climate. This is known as “doomism” and it’s easy to see why many journalists and even researchers are making pessimistic “guesstimates”, especially when they look at the well-known Climate Action Tracker (CAT) Thermometer image (which is scientifically correct) without additional scientific and systemic context:

  • CAT Thermometer


It’s not too late to act but we must educate ourselves if we are to be effective in our actions. We’ve therefore created this page with some of the world’s leading climate scientists and communicators.

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Lessons and resources for leaders and their teams

Climate Basics

Transformative capacity entails stakeholder collaboration, resourcefulness, planning, and sustainable resources.


Climate Science

Understanding how human activity has disturbed the equilibrium will motivate you, and empower you to lead differently.


Environment & Health

Biodiversity is being lost at an estimated 150 species becoming extinct every day. And this is all affecting our health.


Climate Communication

Misleading content distorts the perception of climate science and solutions, creating confusion, and can lead to harm.


Climate Connection

We need to listen to our hearts and the hearts of others, to remind each other how to feel things again and reinstate a culture of care.


ESG & Investment

The amount of ESG information provided by rating agencies, and auditing and consulting firms has grown exponentially.

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