High Performance Coaching

With high performance coaching, not only will employees be able to achieve exceptional and sustainable performance, they will also enjoy greater wellbeing in all aspects of their lives.

Why High Performance Coaching?

In an increasingly complex and competitive corporate world, high performance coaching has become pivotal to the achievement of ambitious goals and objectives and hence, to success. Even the most experienced and successful employees will need assistance with learning new skills, knowledge, competencies and the necessary psychological flexibility to adapt to the dynamic, complex and volatile nature of today’s work environment.

The rate and nature of changes in society and the workplace (mega changes), when not managed well, can lead to chronic high levels of stress and ultimately, burnout. Examples of mega changes include: massive advancements in technology, changes in employee demographics due to globalisation and other societal changes, organisational restructures and mergers & acquisitions (M&As), and so on.

People are affected differently by changes to their environment, depending on their unique personality, strengths, worldview, background and other personal characteristics. Some may be able to cope with the inevitable stress and anxiety generated by these meta changes. However, studies have proven that unless a systematic approach to performance is adopted, such as coaching, the person will be unable to achieve high performance sustainably and will be at risk of burnout.

With high performance coaching, not only will employees be able to achieve exceptional and sustainable performance, they will also enjoy greater wellbeing in all aspects of their lives.

Benefits of High Performance Coaching

A high performing organisation or team begins with high performing individuals. When individuals undergo a ProVeritas High Performance Coaching Program, they derive life-changing benefits for themselves and those around them.

Performance Capabilities Improved Characteristics, Skills & Behaviours
Physical Capacity Excellent health and vitality as source of energy.
Emotional Capacity Positive emotions and habits to fuel the body and mind.
Emotional Intelligence Self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management.
Mental Capacity Focuses physical and emotional energy on task at hand and endurance.
Mental Strength Confidence, flexibility, self-control, resilience, determination.
Self-Actualisation Become a powerful source of motivation, determination and endurance for others.
Sustained High Performance The integration of the above practices results in high performing individuals, akin to elite athletes, who are on top of their game.

What is High Performance Coaching?

High performance coaching is the process of assisting an individual, or a team, learn how to do something at the highest possible standard within their specific environment and circumstances.

At ProVeritas Group we customise the coaching program to help the client learn the right combination of mental, emotional and physiological skills that generates high performance consistently. In the organisational setting, we ask the coachee the central question: “what do we need to work on to improve your relationship with this environment that improves performance”.

Following the ProVeritas approach to coaching, we design tailored programs that take into consideration all aspects of the individual’s life. Our programs are therefore holistic and multifaceted, building the mental/cognitive, emotional/psychological, physiological and meaning-making capacities that are essential for high performance in the 21st Century.

Our highly effective coaching processes draw from mental skills training used by elite athletes, as well as from the latest evidence-based methodologies from psychology, organisational behaviour, neuroscience and leadership theory and practice.

Interested in Achieving High Performance?

For initial information about program structures, please view the Investment section on our website. If you are interested in achieving sustained high performance at work, please let us know how we can help by completing the form on the Contact Us page.

proveritas group reviews

Ruby has given me the tools I need to effectively navigate my career, manage work/life balance, manage stress effectively, understand the different behaviours at play with others and how to manage this for success and how to determine what’s relevant as opposed to noise.

Oracle Australia

Director of Key Alliances
proveritas group reviews

Ruby is a highly effective coach and an eloquent speaker and workshop facilitator. Her leadership development workshops are both engaging and informative. I always received highly positive testimonials and feedback from program participants.

UNSW Business School

LEAD and I-LEAD Program Director