Career Coaching

We have an established track record in Career Coaching, helping individuals identify and pursue purposeful career paths that are aligned with their life goals.

Why Career Coaching?

Career coaching is an extremely powerful tool used by savvy individuals who choose to manage their careers in a very focused and goal-oriented way over a lifetime. In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and unstable (VUCA) times, career coaching has proven to be more essential than ever as it can take place in a wide range of contexts (e.g., new graduate, mid-career, disruptive job creation, redundancy, retirement and other major transitions) and life stages.

Globalisation and digital disruption have had a tremendous impact on the workforce and the job market locally and globally. Many of the jobs people worked in 10-15 years ago, have gradually disappeared and some simply won’t exist in the next decade, either entirely or at the same number.

In fact, research shows that the jobs most likely to endure over the next couple of decades are those requiring specific skills such social intelligence, technical ability and creative intelligence. This presents many questions and challenges about the long-term viability of careers chosen by all employees: recent graduates, high potentials, middle-senior managers and senior executives. Other times, an individual may find herself feeling stuck of bored, despite career success to date.

Solutions to all these challenges can be readily found within the systematic and safe process provided by expert career coaching.

Benefits of Career Coaching

Career coaches add value to the life-long career management process by maximising insights gleaned from various intrapersonal (e.g. psychometric tests) and market-based sources and turning those insights into a career strategy and action plans that are meaningful to the individual. Nothing is as energising as moving forward, with purpose, on a well-built career path that is aligned with your life goals!

Goals of Career Coaching Individual Benefits and Outcomes
Secure Ideal Job Gain self-insight and realistic knowledge about the self, e.g., personality strengths, values, potential derailers and development needs e.g., leadership capabilities. Identify optimal organisational/industry fit. Behavioural skills practice e.g., effective networking, interviewing, presenting. Holistic approach to career management for wellbeing and success.
Job Promotion or Moving Up As above, plus advance in competency, work complexity, authority and status.
Moving Out by Choice Per “Secure Ideal Job” by developing a judicious exit strategy. May find or create a new job or an entrepreneurial endeavour.
Secure Work after Job Loss e.g., retrenchment Per “Secure Ideal Job” plus enhanced physical, emotional, mental and meaning-making capacity (from High Performance Coaching).
Ending Current Work e.g., retiring Exploration of values, life purpose, frameworks for defining retirement. May seek to rehire into other organisations. Identify volunteering, Boards, mentoring opportunities.

What is Career Coaching?

Career coaching is a focused, result-oriented process co-created by the coach and the coachee where insight is gained through assessments, interpretation, dialogue, appreciative inquiry and reframing to develop an action plan for the achievement of work related objectives.

There are many career counselling services in colleges and universities specifically established to assist students with job searching activities. However, when it comes to dealing with experienced employees, it is more appropriate to call on experienced Career Coaches to develop tailored programs which seek to explore the alignment between the individual’s personality, demographics, strengths, values and drivers and his/her career path.

Following the ProVeritas approach to coaching, we design tailored programs that take into consideration all aspects of the leader’s life. Our highly effective coaching processes are holistic and multifaceted, drawing from the most current coaching theory and practices, and are underpinned by evidence-based models in psychology and organisational behaviour.

We have an established track record in Career Coaching, helping individuals identify and pursue purposeful career paths that are aligned with their life goals.

Interested in getting on the Right Career Path?

For initial information about program structures, please view the Investment section on our website. If you are interested in finding a career path that will allow you to thrive, please let us know how we can help by completing the form on the Contact Us page.

proveritas group reviews

I completed a one-year Executive Coaching program with Ruby and I credit her with helping me achieve a step-change in my thinking and behaviours. I had many realisations, which continue to impact my professional and personal life, lifting me to greater effectiveness and enjoyment.


proveritas group reviews

Ruby has the unique ability to work within the boundaries of the personality of the person she is working with. The return on investment cannot be defined in monetary value. What I gained on both a personal and professional level still leaves me astounded.

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